Wall Mounted RO Water Purifiers
Contemporary designed RO purifiers based on the proven state of an art KENT RO technology. Appropriate for mounting on kitchen wall at homes and offices. Purifies water from bore-well, overhead tank and municipal corporation, making it 100% safe and healthy for consumption.
  • KENT Grand+

    KENT Grand+

  • KENT Pearl

    KENT Pearl

  • KENT Prime

    KENT Prime

  • KENT Supreme

    KENT Supreme

  • KENT Prime TC

    KENT Prime TC

  • KENT Super Star

    KENT Super Star

  • KENT Super+

    KENT Super+

  • KENT Grand

    KENT Grand

  • KENT Pride

    KENT Pride

  • KENT Wonder

    KENT Wonder

  • KENT Ace

    KENT Ace

  • KENT Ace+

    KENT Ace+

  • KENT Wonder+

    KENT Wonder+

  • KENT Pristine

    KENT Pristine

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